The New Potential To Reach The World With Your Business


The potential of a business to reach a target market has literally exploded because of the internet. Today’s business does not have to confine itself to a local market. Although it may begin at that point, there is great opportunity to reach worldwide markets successfully.

Relating To Your Target Customer Is Important

If your business has discovered this worldwide appeal, and you are anxious to expand your borders, there is an obstacle that you will have to overcome first. This is the obstacle of cultural and language differences.

Most people understand this difficulty when they visit a foreign country for the very first time. They may have a pocket dictionary that helps them to say certain phrases, but there are customs, mannerisms and specialized lingo that are unique to every culture. Systems of currency may be different as well.

You may have a product or service that you know could be popular in other countries. The problem is that you have no way to effectively advertise it to people of other languages or cultures, because no one in your company can speak or write in their language.

You may also be someone who is advertising or has a website in the United States. Although you can speak some English, your writing skills are not up to par. You are losing some potential clients because your advertising and writing doesn’t look professional enough to attract customers.

Professional Text Translation Services Can Help

This is where professional text translation is so useful. Text translation services can take your writing and interpret it to the market you are trying to reach. They have professional writers who can customize your web pages and business documents to make them easily readable and understandable to people from other countries.

This is not just a word-for-word translation, but an overall approach to writing the document or text to make it visually appealing to another culture. Many of these writers are bi-lingual or tri-lingual, and there are several countries represented.

In addition, if you are an English writer, but English is not your native language, there are writers who can polish up your website or documents to a professional level. They can also initiate content writing services for your company.

Ways To Use Text Translations

With the help of text translators, you can start an advertising campaign, make an appeal to international employees or businesses, or even establish an international base for your company’s activities. Wherever business documents are used, you can obtain the help of text translation to interpret it to other countries.


Easy Online Access

There are several text translation services available online to choose from. They differ in the languages that they offer, so it pays to diversify with a few different companies. The process itself is easy. You simply use an online platform to request a translation of a document that you submit. Writers are required to respond in an urgent, timely fashion. Their translations can often be placed on the online document of your choice, such as a pdf.

Through text translation, you have an assortment of tools available now that can make communicating with people of other countries a reachable goal. The possibilities for marketing are therefore endless.

Do You Speak the Right Language?

Regardless of where you’re located, what kinds of products and services you sell, and whether you deal directly with consumers or with business-to-business clients, you can’t make a profit if you can’t communicate with the customers you serve. If you’re interested in expanding into international markets, broadening your involvement in Internet commerce, or working with multi-lingual clients, chances are you need professional help to assure that your message gets through.

Staying on the Same Page

Real Translation Serves Real Needs—Even if you only need to exchange e-mail with people who speak other languages, don’t expect to use online translation services to turn your text into credible prose in another tongue. Machine translation rarely approximates anything close to fluent communication, and most of the time, it produces laughable results. Want proof? Find a website or other source of text in the target language you want to accommodate, copy and paste it into an online translation site, and specify a translation into English. The results will leave you determined never to rely on these types of services.

Natively Speaking—To communicate with speakers of other languages, you need the services of a translator who understands what you actually said and can restate your message the way a native speaker expects to hear it. Even if you have relatives or friends with some facility in the language you’re trying to use, they may lack the ability to communicate in the proper dialect or with the correct grammar. Any lapse in the quality of your communication can hamper your ability to do business with a prospective client.

Technical Fluency—When your business uses specialized technical terms, you not only need a professional translator who’s fluent in both languages: You need a translator who understands your special vocabulary and knows how to render it correctly in translation. Depending on your field, you may need a specialist to assure that your technical details, specifications, and procedures render correctly in translation. Failure to assure that these critical pieces of information reach your partners in other nations can cripple your ability to do business.

Making Calls—If you hire a remote firm to conduct marketing efforts for you in another country, you may need a telesales script for use in another language. Your challenge includes setting the right tone to communicate appropriately with customers in the setting in which they’ll receive your calls, along with the expected need to spell out your sales message in proper terms. A professional translator can help you ease your way through the nuances of making a sales pitch to consumers at home or workers at their offices, explaining how best to tailor your message for the cultural differences between your language and the members of another culture.

Instructions and Packaging—Does your business manufacture a product for sale in multiple countries? Expect to provide user guides and instruction manuals, packaging, promotional inserts, and other printed materials in more than one language. A professional translation firm can help you plan ahead for the “creep” effect—the differences in length between a statement in English and the same verbiage in another tongue—and can provide the proper text content to your graphic designer, packaging designer, and documentation expert.

Mailings and Correspondence—If you routinely send correspondence in another language, you may need on-staff assistance to assure the day-to-day operation of your business. For mass mailings and form letters, hire a professional translator to put the word out correctly. Again, don’t expect a friend with a casual master of the language or a relative who spoke it as a child to offer you the proper fluency for a business application.

Specialized Typesetting—Some languages require specialized software to produce properly typeset printed materials. A professional translator can provide you with typesetting services that accommodate languages that write right to left or top to bottom, as well as those that use different alphabets or non-alphabetic symbols in written communication.

Getting the Big Picture

Want to help your business sound good? Hire a professional translator to assure that you communicate your messages correctly with audiences that speak other languages. The good image you present will translate to your bottom line.

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Translation services were born out of the pure necessity to communicate

Language represents one of the most fundamental aspects of a culture. The language we use defines us in many ways, not just the basic language used, but the dialect used as well. Translation services have been being rendered for over 4000 years. The very first recorded instances of text translation occurred when the Epic of Gilgamesh was translated into Asian languages by Sumerian scholars c. 2000 BC.

Arabic scholars were the founding fathers of translation.

Classical Greece to many is known for its philosophy and its great desire for learning. One could say that without Arab translators converting Greek classics into Arabic text a lot of those classics we often cite and refer to in philosophy could have been lost without ever seeing the modern world. As Latin became the dominant and preferred language of the Roman Catholic church it was important that these texts after having been translated from Arabic be converted into Latin. Due to Latin being so prevalent during the middle ages, scholars from all of the European Kingdoms were able to translate these works another time into their local languages. This is how throughout history translation services have been so important at breeding understanding and cooperation.

The importance of religion vis-à-vis translation.

Religion plays a very unique and important role in the dissemination of the translation of languages. Unlike military and political control, religion attempts to assimilate the faith of others; their belief system. For the Roman Church for example all decrees coming from the Papal State were being written in Latin, but only educated rich folk could understand Latin let alone write it. Translation services were required as a major effort to help spread the word of God through the church.

Consider that the Bible itself has been translated hundreds of different times into English alone.

Translation in the modern era.

The conquering period of the middle ages and imperial era are over. An ever-growing global community that is economically linked through open trade and far less international barriers has created more need for translation services than ever before throughout history.

The United Nations employs a plethora of translators responsible for ensuring that all communications occurring in and leaving from the UN are translated into Arabic, Mandarin (Chinese), English, French, Russian, and Spanish. This is an epic task with great importance. Simple errors in the translation of speeches could cause profound misunderstandings. Accuracy and an attention to every detail is so profoundly important when it comes to translation.

Text translation for the information age.

There are many free online translators on the internet and while they can provide you with a basic understanding (sometimes) of what has been written in another language, this technology is far from satisfactory. Text translation services today can be used by anybody ranging from government entities, to large corporations doing business in many countries, to small businesses operating within a multi-lingual society, or even individuals seeking to have real communication without a language barrier.

As long as there is a healthy multicultural world there will always be a need for translation.

As we continue down the path of economic globalization and many countries become less closed off and more multicultural the need for translation services will compound. The need for polyglots will increase.

Text translation services will stand the test of time.